This continues on from yesterday's bootstrapping thoughts. I was asked today, to whom would the call go out - re the info session(s), but then beyond - am I looking for people in my network whom I trust already, or for the most mentally aligned people on the planet even if they are strangers?

I think both, is my answer. I'm sure there are even more capable authors out there than I, and I'd love to collaborate with some. I also know a bunch of "would love to work with again" people, and it seems like good relational foundations would be a boost overall to the bootstrapping of some new org. Friendship makes things fun, and mixing both old friends and new friends is (IMHO) stretching and lively and vibrant.

The transition from "anyone at all, come to an info session" to the "then what" afterwards needs to illustrate the awareness and intentionality that, well, that need to permeate everything about this venture. Roles and skills, requirements and capacities, needs and constraints should be sketched out rapidly. I'd prefer people self-select towards the challenges and activities that suit them, supported by honest and skillful feedback of perceptions and mind-stories/judgements. The conflict resolution mechanism is naturally me at this formational stage, but should change when this thing takes on a life of its own.

As a bit of a riff for a moment: I'm not sure whether power-structure constructs should be demarcated from other governance or not. Is there a "foundational" layer that needs a separate container, or can one framework handle everything? Perhaps the handling of different classes of governance/policy can be specified within the governance itself - which might turn self-referential but sounds elegant.

Anyway... so back to the invites and filtering. I don't think I could start out with a congregation (50+) right away. It's just too much of a jump in the scaling process. A few small groups of different foci could spin up without overrunning my bandwidth, but I think there is a pretty strong constraint on keeping the initial group small enough to all be in tune with each other while the thing comes into some amount of focus.

Heck, that could go for a "long" time, even. Flowing outward (from self, to friends, to teams, to congregations, to crowds) may pause or refactor at any point, and rushing to scale out won't do any good. It has to sing for me and for each individual, in each moment, each interaction, each meeting, each project. The energy and freedom and joy that give us the slack to invest our time don't come from... well, anything you'd associate with "burnout" as we all know it.

Bringing myself back to this initial bootstrapping and info session though... the call goes to you. To anyone interested enough to spend an hour hearing a vision that might be unlikely but might be the grandest adventure we've ever experienced. To those who have hope that we can survive and thrive, and the clarity of perception to know that the odds are against us. To the curious, the seekers, the innovators, and to anyone who has the ears (awareness) to hear.