Hi, I'm James. I am a person, practicing being and relating.

Picture of my face stylistically rendered in green atop ivy crawling a stone wall
Me, growing. (art by maybegray)

This site is an experiment for me - of trying to practice living authentically in a visible and relatable way.  That means presenting as one unified jumble (I won't say "coherent") of self, setting down masks from old contexts, and dancing around my growth edges of expression and connection. I hope to have the privilege of writing something here that is meaningful to you, in whatever way resonates with your own true self.

This human world is an enormously complex system. I'm captivated by the possibility of cooperating together to improve our society so that more people can thrive. We could see more, be more, with awareness and intentionality, and radically improve our self-experiences, our relationships, our systems. I intend to spend my next 40 years exploring that direction.

Please do feel free to contact me at @jambarree.