<meta> I haven't written in a few days, and I think I worry a bit about burying the more important posts about my research project and motivation that immediately precede this one. Welp, guess that means it's time to reorganize a bit here. For posterity (since I will change this), this site currently just has a long list of posts as the root-and-only navigational/home page. Each post has a primary tag, but there's no welcome or orientation or visual segmentation on the home page right now. I think it might almost fit into three categories: journaling, essays, news.

<journal> Today I hosted a small online discussion of Spiral Dynamics, the colors-of-societal-consciousness model that I find to be a great help in making sense of the culture war. I don't feel pulled to write a great online explainer currently, but I bet I might find some energy to contribute at the intersection between SD and Adult Development at some point. I've found very little relating the two, and have been pondering their integration for quite a while now.

I'm excited the begin the research interviews this week. Need a 3rd pass on the questions, then a human test and a 4th round for polish. It's been touching to see some not-too-close acquaintances among the guinea pigs. (I did a first promotion to FB friends - Twitter and LinkedIn will be rounds 2 and 3.) Hum, I wonder how to reach some folks who aren't so inclined on the "openness to new experiences" dimension, which are likely to be categorically underrepresented in my sampling.

I'm also inspired to keep writing here! I've had a couple experiences of other people finding me here - finding me in a depth or way that encouraged further connection, I mean. That's a very nice vehicle for the kind of serendipity I'm looking for on my path.