Dear reader, I have questions - and ideas and hypotheses and dreams about what I'll do next with my life, but first I'd love to get out of my head and into yours, if you could help me with this research. The ideas I have are dreams of creating spaces-and-structures for a bigger and better "us" as humans inhabiting this rock together - and I have a feeling I have a lot to learn from how you think and feel and experience.

If you can donate 30 minutes to the cause through a research interview, I'd like to ask you some questions about:

  • you define an identity for yourself in this world
  • ...about the best communities or relationships you've been a part of
  • ...when you've ever felt the most "you" and why

...and similar interesting things. Don't worry, I'll try to make it easy and fun!

If anything about the above makes you wonder if you're not the "type" of person I'm looking for - please reverse that! I'm looking for all kinds of "you"s across as many dimensions as possible. (Speaking English is required, I guess.)

Thank you! Click here to pick a date & time (preferably in Aug, but Sept is okay too).

Edit: If you'd like to read the much longer version of why the above questions matter to me, (You don't have to! Perfectly wonderful to walk into the interview without any bias from this!) here it is. Read it if you're unsure of why this problem space matters or whether it matters to you enough to volunteer.