I've been procrastinating a bit on my first official newsletter. I think it's the "writing for a new/particular audience" thing - I find myself wondering how much the average person knows about me, guessing what they're interested in, how much detail is right for an email format... Hah. Writing that out, it becomes evident that the answers for me right now should be:

  • assume not much
  • who cares, share what I'm interested in
  • however much I need and no more

...although maybe I'll include one bonus story that's newsletter-only (it's meant to be light aggregation on top of my other writing). Maybe "moment of zen" style... what show was that from? Oh yeah, The Daily Show. Okay not quite like that, but, anyway. Are you subscribed yet? Just click here and give an email - no password required, though it will validate your email address. I am newly appreciative of this after multiple people have typo'ed their own email addresses in booking research interview meetings.

I have been staying busy with the research, though - several interviews the last few days sourced via Twitter. I'll plug it once more in that newsletter once it finally gets written, then maybe LinkedIn would be the last well to dip into. Each one is fun in and of itself, and I'm already noticing some interesting variation in responses as well as some themes. Not going to spoil it now, though! Cheers