The first group of participants will also be builders, passionate people with similar visions, eager to craft a better way. The experience needs to be rewarding, but doesn't need to be pre-crafted or conventional. What are the serious contenders for driving purpose(s)?

  • Being a group of friends that enjoys time spent together
  • ...possibly sharing some uncommon worldview or state
  • ...really, feeling heard and known and understood
  • Supporting each others' practice of awareness by doing it together
  • Supporting each others' progress (commitment, drive) towards their goals
  • Creating practices and forms for scaling up to a movement
  • Being part of a group that is on a mission together
  • Defining it (the group)'s self practically in the context of a loose aim

Of all of these, I gravitate towards the "I am" statements as the most powerfully motivating for me:

  • I am known and valued and appreciated
  • I am being bigger and more "me"
  • I am part of something special
  • I am doing good, I am making a difference
  • I am needed and useful

I feel a bit of a twinge at looking at these and targeting them - is that dark or culty? Well... they're there for the having, if we want them. If we know what we want, and create it for ourselves... yeah the key is awareness and intentionality.  (Ooh, best definition of consciousness = awareness + intent the two meanings) Not manipulation - transparency and meta-level awareness. Not engineering - experimentation and play, hypotheses with intention.

How we want to feel, based on who we want to be, is just as important as where we're going and what we hope to accomplish. The two need each other.