This is a meta post to bring me back into contact with this workflow, this writing editor, and activate the sense of muscle memory that comes from stepping back into this space, this site, the intersection of public and personal.

It's like a greenhouse — walking through a door back into a different atmosphere, misty with humidity and warmer than the regular world outside. It's a place of growth, living things thriving in every nook and cranny of the winding path. It's a place of stillness, of quiet contemplation. It's got glass walls on every side, so not private, but still set apart.

I did a lot here in 2020, and not a lot here since then. Of course, launching Intentional Society was the major turning point that marks that shift. After 100+ posts here, I've now written... let's see, 88 weekly newsletters for that effort. I'm feeling a bit of pull to spend some time in this greenhouse once again. Some, at least — I'm not sure how much. School is starting again for the rest of my family (as soon as this teacher-district contract strike is over) and I'm looking forward into my intentions around having some more time to myself.

It feels nice to come back in here briefly and touch these leaves, retrace this path, sit on the well-worn spot on this bench. Maybe I'll be back again soon.