First, I notice it's been two weeks since I wrote here! I've been intentionally focusing on other things, but I didn't mean to stop entirely for this long. I notice a part of me was thinking that I should leave the last post "at the top" and not "distract" from that thing which I care about by journaling about unrelated things. Well, don't worry, ego - you're just a bit confused. There's a reason it has its own site, it'll be fine, and anyway being here and being me and not worrying about image management is in some way essential to being in the right spirit of flowing with what's present over there. It can't be forced or controlled or micromanaged - just be, in presence and spaciousness, open and adaptive.

So then, yes I have added an RSVP link on for the first info/intro session on Dec 27th. (Oh, and I revised that whole page a few days ago, too.) I'll call that the official launch date, I think. I've done a lot to get to this point, and I've met with people one-on-one, but the first group meeting definitely feels right to commemorate as the birth of the entity/system itself. The inter-subjective organism? The "it" that will exist when we can say that "it" is bigger than any one of us and has a momentum and intelligence all its own.

For all the learning I've done, and despite the prep I'll do this week to facilitate well next Sunday, I'm trying to keep front-and-center the idea of being rather than achieving. Of not trying to engineer the perfect presentation, or worry about whether enough people or the "right" people or whatever will show up. As the principles of Open Space Technology say, "Whoever comes is the right people." and "Whatever happens is the only thing that could have."

The kids are off school for the next two weeks. We tried a screen binge day yesterday, and a Youtube-and-Minecraft-free day today. We probably won't go cold turkey on their addictions, but hey it's Christmas time so let's enjoy it and get creative with the opportunities to relate to each other kindly.