64 houses knocked, in 2.5 hours, today was my longest canvassing session by about +40%.  ~280 total knocks takes me to about 75% of the neighborhood.  Soon I'll finish the big sweeps up and down blocks, and move to targeted outreach for the remainder.

Decided in the shower this morning to create a phone hotline.  Google Voice (or Twilio? Need a bit more research) to take texts and transcribe voicemail and dump it in the Slack chat, and we have a "community hotline" for the non-internet-enabled, as well as (even bigger) a replacement for an omnidirectional contact directory.  A request, from an address, can geo-query against the database and spit out the nearest few willing helpers in a nicely privacy-preserving way.  In theory, at least - not sure whether GMaps API can give me nearest-neighbors (or N^2 house-to-house walking distances) or if I'd have to hack something up based on block IDs and lat/lons.  But that's just for automating and subdividing - can start with an MVP of just doing it manually/visually.

Anyway, I think this mostly solves the problem of "do I really want to share my contact info with ALL my neighbors" plus is a way to really integrate folks who aren't online.