Things we are "subject" to (in subject/object vocab of adult development) appear to be fixed pieces of the environment we live in, that we can't effect. In that, is a false equivalence of "X == Y" that binds the moveable thing to some other immovable thing. When we break that equality, see that they are different things, then we can see how X can move and shift.

As exercise, what things might be more moveable/object than I currently think?

  • having goals = the only thing driving intentionality/purpose/achievement->value
  • being intentional = the only way to be being self-aware
  • current patterns = that I can't get as much "me time" as I desire
  • work = needs to be done in (household) isolation
  • being interrupted/disturbed in work = no work
  • my kids = need intervention frequently, couldn't be more independent

Things I could break apart: (things that are "yes!" rather than "should")

  • I could practice self-awareness for its own sake. Treat it as a state to practice deliberately, not just something called up in the process of meeting other challenges. (Oh! I've already started, but trailed off as I don't have any context for it in my home environment.)
  • I could practice mindfulness meditation in my home, in this environment, whether individually isolated or not. (Yes, though why does this feel edgy?)
  • I could use my bedroom as a self-development workspace, different context than my office. (Oh! I've already started, with the physical - rower in the bedroom. Put a chair in?)
  • I could examine my reactions around being interrupted, pull that duhkha apart. (Oh! I've already started playing with different responses - this could be processed in mindfulness practice, not as the "why" but as a "what")

... getting interrupted, and hitting "publish" :grin: