Netlify support picked up my case after a couple days of pings, and now we're live here at!  I notice that I'm more excited, and more grateful, now than if they had just knocked it out in 10 minutes when I first contacted support.  <moment of recalibration>

Now for - I've got outreach work to do.  The about page there has a Tableau viz showing how much is left to do.  So, time to get out and knock on some doors this afternoon.  Wearing this of course:

I'm still seeing debates online about whether masks "work" or not for various definitions of "work", but I'm pretty firmly in the #masks4all camp even if the effect is on the low end of various estimates (just outbound droplets, catching coughs and spittle).  I've gotten over my "this seems awkward" feeling quickly, and appreciate the communal/societal signal that mask-wearing provides in the Asian countries where it's common.  Hopefully we import that here.