Did some full-(school)-day parenting the last couple days - SPS teacher/staff training has begun and we're one week out from remote school itself. It's fun for a couple days, I said, in the sense that I didn't bother trying to "catch up" in the evenings with my current threads. I know I'd definitely get antsy taking that role full-time, which my wife did for years. We do have different personalities and goals. I've enjoyed the "both part-time" balance, though, which we plan to continue into this school year.

Now, the circus: The Salesforce/Tableau layoffs of a few days ago were reverberating in the back of my head as I wrote poignant hope. The writing is really not "about" that event at all. But I'm not sure if I have any further useful things to share, as it's really not my story any more. Further beyond this, that is:

I'll do anything I can for the folks I know. If you're in need, I'd love to be of service. But yeah, I can sense, and resist, the urge to pick up a cause and claim a sense of responsibility or ownership over something that doesn't really belong to me. There is so much that I do own, in my own life or as a fractional participant in the many many layers of systems of society. But there's nothing special in any sort of crusade against a particular organization that I've been involved with - nothing that isn't old ego or attachment to old identity bits. I will be what I currently am, rest in the values and being-relations of the current me, and take delight in whatever opportunities are open to serve others.