Last week, my objective was to not have an objective for the week

My largest objective for the week is to write back to a lot of well-wishers from my departure

Video calls are so much more fun than phone calls

I'm starting regular rotating "one on one" time with my kids - putting it on my calendar to be 1st class visually when scheduling other meetings, and also making it special for each child in contrast to the "lots of time all together" norm

Weekly and monthly reviews will be my cadence of measuring time and progress

I also have a little daily checklist on the refrigerator - the kids have them, so why not me? It's been great towards getting a bit of exercise in every day. Reminds me of those things I want to be mindful of each day

It's time to reorganize and categorize things on this site, now that there's almost enough content for it to matter

Sleep really does matter. Goodnight