I feel a bit of an impulse to polish my writing now that more people are following along. So, I'ma tell myself, "Nope!" and keep freewheeling it stream-of-consciousness style - at least for stuff tagged "journal".

Not much has changed for me structurally in this week vs last week ago: I did have a few months of leave to get used to being at home and finding a rhythm without the 9-to-5 context. And after a week of being appreciated and congratulated, there's not much emotional punch either. I did my processing over the last six months, thus not much seems to be arising now.

But I've noticed an impulse towards organizing my time and thought during the last few days - to systematize my direction now that I am officially "free". I have started a spreadsheet for relationships, trying to remember all the intentions towards catch-up-zooms and networking and investing time intentionally in connection with people. It's mostly a single "next action" date column at the moment.

I'm also checking out complice.co, which I discovered through Social Design Club just the other day. It has a great philosophy that's very developmental and in line with the way I think, so I'll see how it feels for a week or so. It almost reminds me of the way being with a good coach focuses you on the important question of "what do I really want?" - it seems like a ritual/practice to live in tune with deep purpose.

Connecting the goal-level of "I just retired, what direction now?" with the "how should I spend today?" is something I've been exploring, had a great conversation about it tonight, and look forward to unpacking it more tomorrow.