I'm rolling around a few thought nuggets shared by participants in yesterday's inaugural IS info session.

One is that personal development/growth is at the center. Or very near the center. This sounds very pithy and quite true to me. By development I don't mean the achiever-type yardstick-style of growth. It's not how quickly you can get promoted at work, or how many accolades you can win. It's like... "capaciousness" - can you stretch to take a perspective that is bigger than the ones you've been using recently? "Growing bigger" might mean individuating for one person, and integration for another. Rationality outside of social status logic for one person, social connectedness beyond rationalist patterns for another.

Another is that commitment (via demonstrated participation at a similar level) is an important part of trust. If small group relational practices are the table stakes, then being in a group - even if it's not the same one that you're in - helps provide a commonality of experience and commitment that enhances trust. It's evidence of alignment at the congregational level.

Making a declaration of commitment to growth could potentially be a minimum level "inside"-ness that coincides with self-identifying as a participant or member of Intentional Society. It feels appropriate to have a first step that is self-driven across a permeable membrane as an individual. But if the core that we wish to emphasize is the small group practice, perhaps it's some sort of "associate" (vs "full") membership. Perhaps a temporary or provisional state, until an opportunity to join together in/with a group presents itself.