Dishwasher update: Two flow hoses replaced. Tech leaves. Notice a leak underneath the sink.  Drain hose has sprung a leak, spraying water until I cover it with my finger.  Four days and $400 into this narrative... I felt a bit absurdist at that moment. But not quite enough to actually laugh, because why wouldn't it happen this way?  Just another bit of reality, and my day changes to meet it.

Coding update: For a couple hours cumulatively, I've been blocked on a Nodejs function firing a Slack message when run locally, but not in the AWS Lambda environment. I haven't understood my printf-level console.log debugging, and have retrenched to reading up on async/await syntax. I have a goal, and keep thinking of new experiments to try, but I have had a few moments where I wondered if the well would run dry... otherwise known as resorting to a stepping debugger, which I haven't tried to set up for this environment yet.  Here, I do feel impatience and irritation, tied to my desire to move past this obstacle.  Next thought: "What does this obstacle have left to teach me still..."