I've been seeing more into the general pattern of [expanding awareness, spaciousness, complexity, development] (are we missing a word for this?) lately.

  • The challenge comes from a (identity/need-oriented?) dissonance arising
  • Two truths are in conflict with each other, they can't both be true
  • There must be something else, oh look, there's a bigger context/system
  • In that system, these contradictory things can both be true
  • Side conjecture: the expansion always breaks a false equality

I think this works for any growth-transition in psychological models, not just "conventional to post-conventional" or "1st to 2nd tier integral".

Disclaimers/clarifiers: "truth" means "load bearing" more than "objective". Not all beliefs are true, and not all conflicts between beliefs are transcended - more often, one wins over the other. It's only when both are very important to us that we must find a way to incorporate/balance/include both. The expansion converts some parts of those truths into a polarity, which dissolves the conflict but not the tension.

This points me towards "having a dissonance is a practice for growth" in a way that's quite similar to "having a goal is a practice for awareness".  ... Wait! Those elide a level. "Practicing awareness of a goal is a practice of awareness motivated by purpose." is more precise, which maps to "Practicing 'how can conflicting things both be true' is a practice of growth motivated by dissonance."  The phrase "is a practice" really means "is likely to be more successful as a practice because".