A bit frustrated that bakejam.com does not yet point to this content.  Registered the domain using Netlify before deciding to point it to hosted Ghost, and the "automatic" DNS configuration means I'm stuck waiting for support to delete the "system managed" records, even after removing the domain from the Netlify site and even deleting the Netlify site.  Alright, end tech rant.

Yesterday I fussed with Workday for payroll and withholding stuff for the Tableau-to-Salesforce transition, but today feels like my first real day "off" for my sabbatical.  I have a small adulting backlog (cough taxes) to catch up on, then plan to channel my WFH cadence towards canvassing my neighborhood and relaunching the Gatsby version of northcrownhill.com.

Looking forward, I see three phases of organizing, where I'm mid-way through stage 1:

  1. Outreach.  ~380 homes to make contact with, the more human/personal the better
  2. Knowing.  Community survey, aggregate analysis, identify connection and support needs
  3. Acting.  TBD how... checkups, meetups... buddies, small groups?

I'll keep doing the weekly newsletter underneath all of that, to grow trust and identification with a NCH resident identity.