Did one last session canvassing my neighborhood for northcrownhill.com today, reaching 97% attempted-contact after about a month of sporadic door-knocking.  To turn around, look backwards, and realize (whoa, I did that 350+ times) is kinda cool. The join rate for the people I've talked to so far is 91%, which made it a pretty rewarding/encouraging activity overall.  I probably would have given up I'd that rate were <50%.

I've also worked out all the links in the code for the NCH community hotline! Call the number, leave a message, and that message (recording and auto-transcript) will automatically show up in the neighborhood Slack chat where volunteers can coordinate a response.

Will it get any calls? I don't know! But it *might* work great to support our seniors who don't do internet. I'm planning to postal-mail the neighborhood now with the number, support it for 3 months, and see what happens.