<Meta: Consolidating some bits floating in my environment - nothing novel, just integrating>

I've spent the past five years doing system design involving 500-1000 people in a corporate org. I've also run a few ~30 person non-occupational groups in the last few years. And of course I've been involved in many size<10 teams over multiple decades... but those were all within a pre-existing organizational context.

I'm thinking about starting from scratch now - rebuilding a completely different context and way. "I don't know precisely where I'm going, and I don't know how to get there, I think it's this direction; come with me if you want." (h/t Kaj)

In this current state, thinking about starting, a few apt thoughts popped up yesterday:

Yes to this. I do still have grand dreams about taking a particular culture and way of being and making it self-replicating to world-changing scale - but I'm very much aware that different groups of different sizes are very different environments. And a "way of being" (grandiose term) is very much personal and small-group.

This blue-sky beginning is something I've never done before. It reminds me of this mini-talk about going from something to nothing:

Zero to one, one to two, two to five, maybe all mixed in at the same time too. Then Visa popped up with another related thought:  (This is a thread you can click into to read the rest)

I don't think his thought necessarily contradicts the "doesn't know exactly how that's gonna happen", though. It's both directionally right and yet still, the jump from "scene" to "meta-scene" to "shift in global consciousness" is vast undiscovered territory.

But right now... zero. Not even one guy dancing in a field. What does the first step look like - a manifesto? Mmm... yes and, starting happens by starting - by doing, not merely a declaring. It's not quite time for it yet, but I feel the itch to start preparing more seriously.