I've been reminded that I have a very, very specific experiential skill set.

Also, that I really enjoy helping people be effective in reaching their goals and in improving the world.

Effective immediately, I'm hanging out my virtual shingle for pro-bono consulting to employee activists, with a focus on software companies (in contrast to industries with traditions of organized labor) and ethics-oriented activism (in contrast to conventional working conditions advocacy). I can listen to your story of your situation, share some lessons learned from my story, and hopefully help you be more effective in reaching your goals while minimizing risk.

If you're not sure how to stand up, build power through collective solidarity, or what to expect from typical corporate leadership... consider this your invitation! We can hop on a call and see what clicks. I'll get a more formal description and contact up elsewhere on this web site soon, but right now the easiest way is to DM me at @jambarree.